There's now a Razer electric SUV, of course - Engadget

24 August 2019

For the gamer who has everything, we present to you the NIO ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition, the unholy offspring of a Razer gaming laptop and an electric SUV. It has some of the features you'd expect from a Razer product -- like neon green branding and Chroma LED lighting -- but, you know, in car form. It'll also pack in Hue lighting and THX Spatial Audio, so you can truly flaunt your role as a geeky road warrior. Don't get too excited though, as NIO is only going to make 88 of these custom SUVs. And, of course, they'll only be available in China for around $67,419 (467,800 yuan).

Gallery: Razer/NIO ES6 | 4 Photos

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